US President Trump faces difficulty in half-term elections

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In the half-term elections in the United States in the year this year, GU President Trump will not be on the slip of votes, but this election exam will lead to the presidency of the rest-time presidency.
In these half-term elections, American voters will choose 36 senators, 36 states governors and all 435 members of the House of Representatives of US Parliamentarians. Apart from this, dozens of legislatives will also choose local officials.
These elections are very important in this regard that if the opposition party, Democratic Party House, is successful in gaining a majority in the Senate, then it can make it difficult to implement the policies and projects on which President Trump Want to work in years
According to analysts, there are dozens of seats in the Senate, which are expected to be expected and the majority of these seats are with the ruling Republican party.
All the seats in the House of Representatives will be held.
Republican’s position is relatively good in the Senate’s election because they have nine seats in which they have seats, while the seats in which the Democrat Party will contest elections will be 24. Apart from this, there are two versions on which independent members who supported the Democratic Party were elected and this time their seats are being selected.
This choice is actually a reference to the referendum on President Trip.
Half-presidential elections are actually considered as President’s referendum and often bring bad news for the Hizb.
In 1934, there have been half-a-half election elections in American politics, and three times a party’s party or Party Quote three times in parliamentarians and five times in Senate.
Generally President’s Party or Hizb Power seats are defeated.
President’s popularity often accurately indicates how the president’s performance will remain. Presently President Trump’s popularity is around 40% which is historically low.
If compared to former President Obama, his popularity rate was 45 percent. In 2010 half-election elections and they had defeated the worst in American political history.
Prior to the election, the general polling in which the respondents tell which party will vote, its results are not encouraged to the Republicans too. It shows that Democrat enjoys ten percent of the highest level since the start of this year.
The resignation of the republican members is also unusual this time.
The average age of Congress members is 60 years, so it is not a surprise to retire members. But as many as Republican members have forgiven to fight half-term choices, they are surprised for the people.
More than 30 Republican members have announced retirement and many resignations, some are accused of sexual harassment and are going to participate in some other selected positions.
Many of the left-handed political tensions and President Trumps cause their decision. One of them told CNN, “I think I just explain the questions about the trumpet, instead of answering about health and tax policies.”
Women in a large number of election fields
The number of people involved in the Democrat Party has increased due to President Trumpet, and most of the women are taking candidates in the field this year.
Twenty-thousand candidates participated in the primary elections of the Democratic Party. In comparison to the previous half-election elections, more than five hundred and a half female women are included.
Due to the good growth in women’s ammunition, observers have begun this year’s year’s year, which is a sign of half-a-half election in 1992, where women’s number doubled in number.
Even today, the Congress rate is only 20% in the US Congress and due to this, non-interest in women’s politics is described. There is a movement in women after the defeat of Hillary Clinton in the hands of a person like President Trump, who is accused of harassing women against sexual harassment and against them.
Half-fiscal elections are less likely to be compared to presidential elections, and due to which the vote to reduce votes is also reduced. 60 percent of the presidential election in the United States, while only 40 percent vote in half-term elections. The rate was reduced to 35.9 percent in 2014, which is the lowest in comparison to all half-term elections after World War II.
When the ratio of votes to vote in the elections is lower, generally it is beneficial to the Republican Party, because aged and white people vote more.
The Democrat Party hopes that the polling rate will increase in half-term elections due to emotions against President Trump in youth, women and intelligence.
This year, there were more than 1 million voters in the Democratic Party’s primary election in Taxis in March, which has two percentage rates compared to four years ago.

Yet it is less than 1.5 million compared to the Republican. Taxis may probably be far from Democrat’s reach but results in other states can change the results.


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