US orders to close PLO office threatens sanctions against the International Criminal Court

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The United States has ordered closure of the Palestinian Liberation Organization’s office in Washington, with which it has threatened sanctions against the International Criminal Court (Criminal Court of Criminal Court).
About the closure of Palestinian diplomatic office, it is said that this is why because Palestinians are not helping peace talks with Israel, whereas the ICC has said that if the international organization against the Americans He will take restrictions against him if he takes legal action.
The International Criminal Court is considering launching a case against the abducts of the U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan.
The US Department of Foreign Affairs said that Palestine Liberation Organization has refused to join the United States in peace efforts.
Secretary of State for Palestine Liberation Organization, Sabit Aryat, has called this American move as “dangerous”.
The Palestinians Liberation Organization, comprising internationally recognized representatives of the Palestinians, opened their office in September 1994.
On the other hand, the US President is about to announce peace plan for the Middle East, but Palestinian officials have refused to work with their delegation, which is why the US President recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel by the President of December.
Why is the office of Palestine Liberation Organizing Officers?
The statement issued by the US Department of State on Monday said that the Palestinians’ Liberation Organization has not taken steps to start talks with Israel directly and meaningfully.
The Palestinians’ Liberation Organization has condemned the American peace plan that they have not seen yet and has refused to work for the peace efforts with the US government.
In the statement, Palestinian efforts have been referred to by the Israeli government in violation of alleged international law of international Criminal Court.
Last year, the US Department of State warned the Palestinians Liberation Organization that if Palestinian leaders do so, their office can be closed under these American laws.
Palestinian response
After the move from the United States, after the move, the Palestinian President of Palestine Liberation Organization, in a statement, said in a statement: “This dangerous increase shows that the United States breaks the international system, with the Israeli Criminal and Palestinian people as well as the peace of our region. And wants to save attacks against security.
‘We repeat that Palestinians are not the rights of the public, and that we are not afraid of American threats and we will continue legal efforts for freedom, justice and autocracy, in every possible political and legal manner. ‘
Saddam’s Aryat said that the Palestine will continue to demand a full investigation from the International Criminal Court.
However, the Israeli government has not yet reacted.
Why Angry Against International Criminal Court?
This court is currently considering the case of the abusive of prisoners by the US soldiers in Afghanistan.
National Security Adviser John Bolton in the United States has called the court ‘illegitimate’ and has promised that he will not be able to raise his hand to save his citizens.
The United States is among dozens of countries who did not join the court established in 2002.
There are two clear reasons for the annoyance of John Bolton from the International Court.
One of the ICC lawyers, Fata Bin Deal, is a last year’s request in which he called for a full investigation of alleged war crimes in Afghanistan, which should also cover the crime which was US military And intelligence done.
The second reason is that the Palestinian Liberation Organization calls on Israel to prosecute the ICC on Gaza for the alleged human rights in Gaza and the occupied West Jordan. Israel refers to this step politically.

Mr Bolton said that this is one reason behind the US administration’s decision to close Palestinian diplomatic mission in Washington.


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