Unique question of Shah Faisal; Secrets of lack of crime in Saudia

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Many years ago, a delegation of American journalists came to Saudi Arabia. He stayed there for a week. During this time, members of the delegation reviewed the situation in Saudi Arabia unresolved.
The delegation felt intensely that Saudi Arabia was cut off as a stealer’s hand. They felt that the punishment is against abusive and human rights requirements. The delegation also found that criminal criminals in general crime are punished with ordinary insects. There was no concept of punishment in America.
The delegation was also present on the occasion of Shah Saudia, Shah Faisal. During the meeting, a journalist mentioned the punishments from Shah Faisal that why you have enforced such a serious punishment. It is against the full moral rights.
The journalist’s question did not come from the question of Shah Faisal’s face in the question, but he kept listening to the journalist’s words. When the journalist completed his talk, Shah Faisal remained silent for a few seconds. The journalist understood that he responded to Shah Faisal. After taking some time, Shah Faisal said, “Have you been carrying out your bags too?”
Some journalists shouted head. Shah Faisal said, “There is a few days left for your visit to the end. You go to the city’s gold market with your bags and ask your women to buy gold jewelry from your choice. They will pay their jewelery at their pocket. After that, by wearing jewelery you go freely in Saudi Arabia’s streets and streets. These jewelery will not be seen from any mile eye. After that your US will be refunded. Will she and your women wearing jewelery will wander around the streets of America without hesitation? “
When Shah Faisal asked this question from the reporters, all the journalists started to face their lips like each other. Shah Faisal asked again, some journalists said, “We can not step out of the airport by wandering precious ornaments in the carelessly wandering markets.”
Shah Faisal replied, “The implementation of such severe punishments in Saudi Arabia is only your answer. You answered your question yourself. “
Saudi Arabia’s King Faisal once visited the United Kingdom on a official visit. On the first day, his invitation was arranged in the royal palace. The patients and the dentists were also putting on the dining table with extremely fine vessels. The feast started. All people used spoon and thorns, but Shah Faisal did eat according to the Sunnah Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). When the food was over, some journalists asked Shah Faisal to use a spoon.

Shah Faisal said: “Why should I use this thing that is in my mouth today and tomorrow will go to another mouth.” This hand fingers are my own. It will always go to my mouth, so I prefer to eat with my hand.


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