The Tripoli Controller, the overthrow of the government’s government

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After the book ‘Fair: Trump in White House’, the American President and the leading American journalists have come against each other. The real weapon in this war is the reputation of both sides.
Journalists often visit Washington, hoping to break down the water gate scandal and former U.S. President Barack Obama, to become the Bobby Wonders or Carl Bernstein. They dream that they get some secretive sources like ‘Deep Throat’ to tell them inside, and later make films on their works.
Watersworth became a superstar since the water gate, but at the very moment he joined the main journal and wrote a book after one. They are journalists, deep-minded, journalists who are deeply concerned about the accounts.
They do not deliberately spread affection. Instead, their books are objected to their language and style are dry and unhappy.
Their themes are not even more sensible. The book, which he wrote on Bill Clinton, was not the subject of Monica Lunsky’s scandal, but the budget deficit, public welfare project and system health. Obama was discussing the wars of Afghanistan and Iraq in the book.
Not only that they just make a pen on the chair. He has also written books about Supreme Court, CIA, Pentagon and Allen Green.
The significant feature of his writings is that he keeps fingers on the pulse of long-term transitions, not on everyday news. Their Twitter account shows that after opening their account in 2013, they have just 93 tweets.
The most part of their books are those who are based on the statements of their sources. The current book ‘Fair’ (which will be published on September 11), Trump’s Chief of Staff, John Kelly, calls the ‘White House’ and self-trump ‘Ahmaq’ to the White House, when the student of the fifth meeting of the James Meth It is known as knowledge.
But the problem is of the same credibility and there is no difference between Wideord in this field. He is one of America’s most respected journalists.
Their books are worth the details that they become part of the history. Especially the three books written on President Bush could not be answered yet.
Wonderford’s biggest beauty is their access and people sitting in the main places are opened in front of them. That is why the publication of their books itself becomes an important news.
Another news from Washington’s news agency is to be wondering about the wonders of Wonderstood. But the same thing is sometimes negative. The journalists who want to govern the bourgeoisie go out of time for some time and think of each kind of scandal and think they hit a big arrow.
Now there are so many gates in the way of water gateway that the word ‘gate’ has been disrupted.
But Voodord himself did not go on this path. He has already dropped a president and his role has been filmed. This historian journalist is now the official history of the United States.

Bob Wordsford is no longer an individual, an organization’s name.


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