Ready to leave Iranian oil buyers

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Iran’s oil-like buyer like Washington, India is ready to consider the possibility of allowing countries to trade with Iran, but these countries will have to close trade with a gradual Iran.
US Secretary of State Mike Popeev said on Monday, “India’s Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj” talks with the seven to-tie-to talks in New Delhi.
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Talking to newsletters during the visit with Indian Defense Minister Jim Mittes, Mike Pompev said that Iran’s oil buyers need some time to end their trade relations with Iran.
The United States has decided to ban economic sanctions on Iran after the unanimous resolution of the nuclear deal with Iran by the US President Donald Tripard and to disconnect its commercial ceremony from all the countries and internationally traded companies. Forcing
This year, some US economic sanctions have begun since August, when the rest of the petroleum products are about to apply to November 4. President Trum has warned that the United States or the companies will trade with Iran, America will not keep any trade relations with them.
Mike Pompop said, “Where we are there, we are ready to give exception, but we expect that every country will make the purchase of Iranian oil cleaner or face economic sanctions.” He said that he is determined and is ready to act on his own decision.
Despite the pressure from President Trump, authorities in India say it is not possible for them to close Iran’s oil purchase. India is the third largest buyer of Iranian oil. In addition, he is also investing heavily in the effort to reach the Central Asian countries on the port of Bihar in Iran.
Mike Pompev said that the situation of many countries is that it requires some time to completely stop purchasing oil from Iran and America is ready to work together with such countries. He said that if American products are purchased in Iranian oil, then America will be pleased with it.
Last month, India’s purchase of oil from Iran was a third, because large oil-producing companies in AIDA were waiting for government indicators.
This week the Indian government allowed Oil-clearing companies to use Iranian oil purchases and Iranian tankers.

In order to encourage Indian buyers, Iran is willing to soften oil and pay free shipping.


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