President Trump invitations in honor of Muslim embassies

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Last year, in the Ramadan, President Trump broke the tradition of Aftar annually and no avatar dinner was organized in the White House.
Washington DC –
United States President Donald Trump has called on Muslims Muslims around the world to pronounce Ramadan as “the sacred duty of one of the greatest religions of the world”.
He was addressing the invitation to give honor to the honor of Muslim ambassadors in White House on Wednesday.
However, the dominance of the last two-and-a-half years, President Tripura, was the first invitation made by the White House, which included ambassadors deployed in the United States of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, United Arab Emirates and other Muslim majority countries. President Trump’s cabinet members joined.
White House invented Muslims for the first time in Ramadan every year in Ramadan, since it has become a permanent annual tradition.
Celebrations are held at the White House in the sacred days of other great religions, including Christianity and Judea.
George W. Bush and President Obama, who later came after President Clinton, also banned the American Muslim leaders and ambassadors in Ramadan every year from Ramadan during his tenure presidency.
Even after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, President Bush also invited Muslim leaders and prominent figures to White House on Aftar.
However, last year, President Trump broke the tradition in Ramadan and no African dinner was held at White House.
On the contrary, the White House issued a statement on Eid’s occasion, focused on the issues related to terrorism and the need for its comparison.
But this time, despite the tradition of his tradition, the White House also issued a statement from President Trump in which he congratulated Ramadan for the Muslims around the world.
President Trumpp has criticized various constituencies due to controversial statements about Muslims and Islam during his election campaign.
On one occasion, he demanded the complete ban on the arrival of Muslims in America, while last year he shared his anti-Muslim video videos from a UK based right-hand organization.
On Sunday, compared to the White House ceremony, some Muslim organizations in the park protested against ‘White Trump Aftar’ in the park before the White House.

During protest, Muslims used to fast in front of the White House. Organizers of protest Aftar said that the incredible statements of President Trumpet have increased the abusive and discrimination with Muslims in America.


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