Pakistan The dream and reality of the return of the capital

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The newly elected government of Pakistan has set up a task force to bring back foreignly transferred investments, but the question is whether this return of the capital is so easy?
Economists say it will have to face many obstacles and challenges.
Assets have to prove illegal in courts
Former Secretary of State for Pakistan, Dr Vikar Masood Khan says that there is a positive progress in all, but should go ahead with little expectations as there will be difficulties in this way and may take time.
They believe that courts will also need help.
The first step is to indicate that there are assets in most of the people, now it is to prove that they have not been made in the right way, but are made of tax evasion, money laundering or corruption, then afterwards, The courts will have to prove that they are proved and there are courts ‘decisions, then the hands of the government will be strengthened and they can demand.’
Both poor and powerful victims
From the poor countries like Ethiopia in the world, there are several examples of transit abroad from powerful countries in the powerful countries.
Economic researcher Mazmal Aslam says that before Pakistan, it has practiced great powers in the world but they did not succeed.
“In India, Vijay Malaya escapes Europe by lending millions, Indian government is behind them, Central London is full of Russian prisons. Everyone knows it’s the money of corruption in Russia, Russia’s efforts Bajaj, he did not come back, the US threatened to threaten all the data to share how much money Americans had in Swiss banks, if they did not cooperate, they would turn off their business, but Switzerland said three years After that, share its data. ‘
The Pakistani government has advised the citizens to indicate that people who have illegally transferred the assets will be given a 20% reward.
Mumal Aslam says that a hope that Pakistan is a member of the global organization of OMED, ​​in collaboration with economic development, will get access to information, but access to assets will be difficult.
‘If a Pakistani citizen has property in Dubai, then the government thereby contacting the Pakistani government and exchange information, but it is very difficult to bring these funds back and follow the cases, if such people live in Dubai So Pakistan’s claim will end, because Dubai will say that it is my citizen now and it is my case. “
There were sums and weaknesses in the law
Prime Minister’s Advisor for Accountability Bureau Shahzad Akbar said that 100 large ‘fisheries’ will be investigated and will bring their wealth to Pakistan, according to their government, on the basis of emergency from the external country through the Mutual Legal Status Act. Information can be obtained.
Member of the Privatization Commission and Ashfaq Tulayah, tax reform expert, says that if you are behind the businessman, remember that business in India is very small and businessmen are too few to do business for anyone or more. It will be very difficult to bring money.
‘When this was happening, there were sums and weaknesses in the law at all times, there was only one income tax ordinance that was firmly strong, they did not implement it, now after six years now you can not implement it. . Follow them which are the biggest consultants who advised how to get the money out. “
Looking for help in Pakistan’s livelihood
Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves have a constant trend, according to the State Bank’s report on Thursday, the assets have increased by 342 million dollars to 9885 million dollars, the Government’s 12 billion bulls from the International Monetary Fund Outside package
Karachi’s businessman Mahmood Ghafar says that economic situation in the present situation is bad; such measures are not being seen, which will make any improvement immediately. The government is taking bonds scheme for Overseas Pakistanis. It may be possible to pay some money. But they will also be two billion rupees, while tax net is difficult to recover tax revenue from those who are already paying it, it would be very bad to get business pressure.
The Amnesty Scheme was also not helpful
Before the government of Tehreek-e-Insaf, the Muslim League-Nawaz government announced the Amnesty Scheme to make legal and foreign assets legitimate abroad.
Ashfaq Toshha, a creator of Amnesty Scheme, says that the Amnesty Scheme wanted to bring in 2017 but the government became cautious due to Panama Laxas and when it came to the scheme, the PML-N’s government was weak. The foreign assets of 60 to 70 billion rupees will appear, which is required for immediate relief, but it can not be done.
‘Some people, when their citizenship was Pakistani, showed the assets that some people showed in the charity trusts, but did not bring them in market value.
The supervisors responsible for not getting the target of Ashfaq Tuma Amnesty Scheme as the federal finance minister, Shamshad Akhtar’s behavior as well.
“There are some Pakistanis who have property in Gulf countries and they were trying to show them, but they did not have a bank account, they had made an application which was in accordance with the law, which was the currency of foreign currency companies in Pakistan. It is registered with the State Bank as it has all the details of the user ID card, tax number and money laundering case, because it was with the Dell Government, but Shamshad Akhtar has justified the pressure of the Financial Task Force. Do not let this happen.

Economic researcher Mazmal Aslam says that there was an error in this scheme that it was for businessmen and private people, not for politicians, nor for soldiers or bureaucrats, which is corruption. While there are people in the rest of the institutions where people are not included when the money was on their names or by them, it could not be returned, that is why the Amnesty Scheme is less than expected.


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