Only Chinese can prevent Pakistan from going to IMF

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Since the success of the election, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has taken over control of the country, its focus is on the country’s economic disadvantages, and in the meantime, it is engaged in taking immediate steps.
Recently Finance Minister Asad Umar told Senate that Pakistan needs to be $ 9 billion as soon as possible, but the loan from the World Financial Institutions (IMF) will be taken as a last step and before other sources and The methods will be considered.
According to news reports, when the new government advisory council formed by the government last week, there were various suggestions on this meeting which included suggestions on ban on smartphones and cheese import.
Talking to Routers, EAC member and professor of the university, Ashfaq Hasan Khan said that suggestions were taken out of routine routine in the meeting, such as cheese, smartphones, fruits and expensive vehicles in the country for years. Import will be banned which can help save $ 4 to $ 5 billion.
‘You see how much cheese is coming in the country. There is cheese in markets. Does our country need cheese, where the dollar is so short, that it can import cheese? ‘
How much cheese comes in Pakistan?
According to official data, in the year 2015, Pakistan imported three thousand tonnes of cheese, which was worth $ 70 million.
Col. Naveed and analyst Arif Rafique wrote in his tweet that Pakistan has doubled cheese rates in the next two years and only 2017 million dollars on cheese import in the country under 2017 figures Have gone
According to the official Bureau of Statistics (PBS), in terms of smartphones, the government has reported a clear increase in the import of smartphones in the country since the use of thirty-two and forge licenses.
According to the PBS, 32 million dollars of mobile phones were imported in the country from July to December in the 17-2016 financial year, while in the fiscal year 18-2017, the figure increased to $ 37 million.
Under PBS data, only 12 percent increase in December 2017 was seen in December 2017 and worth $ 7 million worth a month in the month.
It is clear that a few months ago, the PBS has issued the figures of Pakistan’s imports that revealed that the total value of Pakistan’s imports in the month of May is about $ 6 billion.
Reaction to social media
After coming in front of Ashfaq Hassan Khan’s interview, social media came to light many responses in which people commented that they would not be able to eat cheese.
A user, Lalin Sikhira, wrote that they only live on the cheese and they will die if they are here.
Another user, Mary Zia Khan, commented that ‘Pakistan’s economic condition is so daunting due to cheese.’
Journalist Naila Elements tweeted about cheese, saying, “Only cheese can stop Pakistan from going to IMF.”

Public worker party leader Amar Rashid also commented on cheese in Tweet, saying that according to the 2015 data, ‘$ 30 million is made only on the import of cheese in Pakistan, a percentage of our financial deficit do not have. EAC has a wonderful performance.


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