4 Tips To Naturally Boost Immunity


We inflect the concept of immunity at every step, today, especially in connection with COVID 19. The survival of man as an individual and as a species depends on his ability to resist the attacks of enemies in the long run:

  • Bacteria, viruses, or fungi.
  • Own frightened, tumour cells with non-standard behaviour.
  • Chemicals and toxins.

Immunity is a sophisticated system, not unlike a clockwork in an astronomical clock showing not only time. It is not enough for the astronomical clock to point incorrectly or to stop completely. We should think about this and keep our immune system in shape and systematically strengthen it.

We will not find a simple answer to the question of how? The immune system is undergoing a development that replicates human life. In childhood, it develops, powerful, learns. Adulthood catches him in full force, which weakens in old age. He does not manage everything as before.

Care in The First Place

Nothing works without maintenance or the immune system. An example is the condition of Czech bridges. Some have collapsed, most are on the verge of an accident. When it comes to the immune system, let’s not panic. An effort aimed at not weakening the immunity and, at the same time, strengthening it is enough. In any case, while respecting the individual approach to different age groups, everyone needs “their own.” Mainly if we focus on the questions “How to increase immunity in children? And How to increase immunity in the elderly? “. However, the main principles remain the same. 

How Not to Weaken the Immune System

An unpleasant amount of debilitating factors is beyond our control, and the individual will do nothing with them. For example, genetic equipment or the overall environment. But we have a few of them in our power actually:

  • Lack of sleep, physical and mental fatigue.
  • Insufficient supply of minerals, vitamins, and proteins.
  • Excessive use of drugs – not for every “rhyme” we have with a cannon of antibiotics.
  • Smoking, alcohol, and other addictive substances.
  • Never-ending rush and stress.

How simple. But hand on heart: Which of us behaves responsibly towards ourselves?

How to Strengthen the Immune System

It’s not too complicated. Rather uncomfortable. A proper lifestyle adapted to age and health can work miracles. 

Minerals and Vitamins

A significant part of strengthening is a sufficient intake of the necessary substances guaranteed by a varied and balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals. 

  • Vitamin D is an essential substance for health, healthy development, and, of course, for the immune system’s condition. Studies show a direct link between vitamin D deficiency and a propensity for inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. 
  • Vitamin C is located in fruits and vegetables, but its content decreases dramatically by heat treatment. 
  • B vitamins can be found in a wide range of foods from yeast and legumes to nuts and meat, including offal, whole grain cereals, and milk and dairy products.
  • Vitamin E with natural occurrence in offal, vegetable oils, or germ.
  • Selenium is a “scarce commodity” for its scarcity in soil and, subsequently, in cultivated crops. 
  • Zinc has a beneficial effect on the immune system in many ways. It is contained in foods of animal and plant origin—liver, red meat, seafood, eggs, milk, pumpkin seeds, legumes, or whole grains zinc is also helpful for men’s health or you can try Fildena 100 at himsedpills or vigora.

If we do not manage to take the necessary amounts of active substances in a regular diet, we should use food supplements. On the market, you will find plenty of individual vitamins and minerals and almost universal multi-cocktails. Although often less means more. The quality of universality suffers. Power is born of simplicity. 

Healthy Lifestyle

A balanced diet is necessary for a fully functional immune system, but it is not a sufficient condition. Other answers to the question How to increase immunity? They are waiting for us where we would not even look for them.

  • Plenty of quality sleep: A sleepless and tired person is more likely to “catch” any infection that passes by.
  • Avoid stressful situations: Stress reduces the immune system’s ability to resist attacks from harmful substances, bacteria, and viruses.
  • Plenty of adequate movement: A peaceful walk through nature is enough. You won’t find everything in fitness centres and running through the streets of a busy city.
  • Proper schedule: For work, rest, and your loved ones. Stress at work, stress at home, burnout syndrome—awful news for immunity.

This is not an exhaustive list, but a generally valid principle. Of course, the specifics of childhood and senior immunity need their own specific approaches.

How to Increase Immunity in Children?

The immune system begins to develop in the prenatal stage. He is weak and inexperienced after birth. Infants are mainly protected by defensive substances obtained in breast milk. Breastfeeding thus has a significant impact on the quality of the adult’s immune system. We can then contribute to increased immunity in childhood through appropriate, seemingly counterproductive procedures:

  • The saying Cleanliness half health, dirt whole.” Although paradoxical, it is true. The athlete achieves top performance through training. The same goes for the immune system. By keeping the offspring in anxious purity, the immunity will not gain the necessary experience and be more susceptible to adulthood infections. 
  • Hardening comes from a similar barrel. This is not about sports hardship. All you must do is not live in overheated rooms and teach your child the joy of exercise and sports. True, the Sisyphean task today.
  • Healthy nutrition. The developing and growing body needs an unimaginable amount of protein, vitamins, minerals, and other substances. If it lacks, not only immunity suffers, but the whole organism. For example, vitamin D deficiency causes rickets and prepares the ground for future chronic diseases.
  • Maintain mental well-being, allow enough sleep, and rest. It is not easy. The school often places challenging manageable demands and thus puts children under stress. Not to mention possible school bullying. And excessive pressure is one of the most insidious enemies of immunity.

How To Increase Immunity in The Elderly People?

We are all ageing and with us our immune system. Discreetly and creepily. Once we don’t catch the tram, and we have to rest on the way to sneak. We suffer from viruses more often than we are used to—the right time to blow the trumpet and fight for immunity. Increasing age requires more focused care for the immune system. Not overly anxious, but caring. In essence, it is a repetition of the “small multiplier”: A proper lifestyle, sufficient supply of vitamins, minerals, and other substances, enough exercise, and good occupancy of the brain. 

Up to 70% of immunity resides in the intestines and the bacteria needed for proper digestion. And it is the digestive system that slows down with age. It is not enough to process all the essential substances ingested in the diet. In order not to miss them somewhere, we have to indulge in a larger number of them. One option is food supplements, such as the Daily Complex. 

The current threat posed by the as yet unexplored COVID-19 encourages the intensive strengthening of the immune system. Initial experience shows a tendency for severe infection in elderly and chronically ill people. A higher intake of omega-3 fatty acids present in fatty fish and fish oil prepares the body for stress and significantly shortens the inflammatory processes’ duration. In this context, increased intake of vitamin D is not a thing of the past.

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