North Korea’s commitment to end nuclear weapons by 2021

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Muhammad Usman Ahmad (UsmanSwift) has been reporting for News Angels for more than a year. He did his Intermediate from PGC Pir Mahal. His aim is to provide Latest News Straight from News Industry.
Washington – Kim Jong, a North Korean leader, has said that he has set the goal of completely eliminating his nuclear weapons by the end of the current term of the American President, Donald Trim. However, US Secretary of State Mike Pompio says “there is still much to do in this regard”.
President Trum had prevented the Foreign Minister Pompio from visiting North Korea last month, after which the ongoing negotiations in the end of nuclear weapons by North Korea were suspicious.
However, President Trumpp welcomed the announcement by a North Korean leader in a tweet today on Thursday, saying that North Korean leader Kim Jung has expressed uncertainty on him.
He thanked Kim Jong and said that both the countries will jointly get the aim of eliminating nuclear weapons by North Korea.
US Secretary of State Mike Pompio said that North Korea has not been able to conduct any nuclear experience since last June, saying that North Korea is the only country in the world, according to the United Nations Security Council’s resolutions Has promised to end its nuclear program.
He said the United States leadership will continue to work closely with North Korea in fulfilling the promise of President Trump during the meeting of Chief of the Chief of North Korea in Kim-June.
This statement from President Trump and Foreign Minister Pompio has come after the announcement of North Korea and South Korea that the meeting between the two heads will be held in Beijing Young between 18 and 20 September.
His announcement today announced South Korea President Moon, his national security adviser in Seoul. Advisor said that South Korean President and North Korean leader Kim Jong will discuss talks with the end of nuclear weapons during the meeting.
South Korea’s National Security Advisor visited North Korea last week and a letter from South Korea’s President Kim Kang arrived in response to which Kim Jong said that his American President Trust on the trumpet is uninterrupted and before the completion of the President Trumpet, not only will the goal of the complete ending of nuclear weapons, but also eliminate all kinds of differences between Washington and Beijing.

Earlier, two heads of both Korean chairs have been held at the Pentagon’s non-military base in the border area.

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