New research – Cigarettes and alcohol starts to be cleared from the age of 17


A new study has shown that young people who drink cigarettes and alcohol too, their patients begin to get clear loss from the age of 17.
Experiments have shown that their lives begin to become tougher. Due to this, they may later be in danger of disease such as heart attack and fluid.
However, this research also showed that they abandon the toner’s cigarette and alcohol, their lives are again healthy.
Scientists witnessed 1266 youngsters participating in a research between 2004 and 2008, with a view of health of 14,000 families of the Bristol region of the UK.
This study was published in the European Heart Journal.
Participants tell the details of their cigarette and alcohol habitat at the age of 13, 15 and 17, after which their patients were seen to test whether they did not get difficulty.
During the research, he was asked
How many cigarettes they have consumed?
From what age did you start drinking alcohol?
Those people who had more than 100 cigarettes or alcohol addiction, were more difficult in their lives.
Says Professor John Denfeld, a senior author of the report: “We found that in lesser cases of research participants, drinking cigarettes and alcohol, their veins are hardened and cholesterol begins to accumulate.
‘However, we also found that if they leave cigarette and alcohol in tanjar najjani, their nerves become normal again, which shows that they have the chance to maintain their health. ‘
Dr. Meritetta Charakida said: ‘Our research shows that a teenager starts smoking since 17 years. In those families where parents drink cigarettes, children also suffer from smoking addiction. ‘

Professor Methan Okarn, Associate Medical Director of the British Heart Foundation said: ‘It is encouraged to make changes in lifestyle to save your life.’ The best thing you can do to save your heart is to leave the cigarette. 

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