Mahira Khan ‘It’s a long time to have more than half a half-sheltered children

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Only one thousand Afghan refugees from Pakistan have been able to return to their country this year, a major reason for the lack of peace and security situation in Afghanistan.
Mufra, a prominent Pakistani entrepreneur, Ambassador of United Nations Immigration, said that this moment is a fact that refugees around the world are more than half children.
Senior journalist, Moura Khan, visited the UNHCR camp in the Aqa Khel Center near Peshawar near the UNHCR officials and ambassador to the entrepreneurs. In which they were informed about the process of refugee migrants and were told to determine which Afghan refugees registered and identified, and how to return the process.
After Hollywood’s renowned actress Angelina Jolie, Pakistani movie star Mauda Khan has chosen as an envoy of UNHCR. Meera Khan said that they are happy if they are selected for this job.
“It is sad that there are half of the children in the world who have migrants and this time is a factor.” He said that this task is to be done together because the child The future of the nation is.
The head of the UNHCR along with Mauda Khan was Philip Grande and the head of the United Nations Human Rights Commission, Mark Lukokock.
Philipopi Grandi talked to reporters while saying that he had met Prime Minister Pakistan Imran Khan and Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and informed them about the problems facing the refugees.
He said that Pakistan authorities have assured that the return of the displaced persons would be voluntary and they would not be forced to be forced back.
He said that more than 40 million refugees have gone back so far and they remember that after the year 202 people went back to the trucks and went back to Afghanistan because they believed that there would be peace in Afghanistan and improved the situation there. But in return there has been a lot of return due to bad security.
He said that in this regard, international assistance should help Afghanistan to improve the situation there.
UNHCR spokesman, Qaisar Khan Afridi, told the BBC that this year, a thousand people have returned home this year, while 14 million Afghan refugees are still in Pakistan.
The UNHCR has increased the support money for refugee refugees two years back to $ 200, and apart from the violence against Afghan refugees, many incidents of violence in Pakistan Many people had returned because of the crackdown, but only a few months later the same number of refugees returned to Pakistan.


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