Australia: Discover gold rocks during mining

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In West Australia, Minerals say they have found two rocks worth the gold worth estimated for millions of dollars.
Canadian mining company RNN Minerals says the largest rock, weighs 95kg, has got more than 2400 yards of gold.
According to the company, it has been worth $ 100 million worth one week from the earliest of Kolkor, which has been extracted gold last week.
An engineer related to the mining sector has declared the discovery of such rocks as rare rare.
Professor Sam Spearing, professor of the University of Minneers of the University of South Australia, says, “People still get small pieces of gold, but they do not get more than a few weeks.”
The Mining Company has set the largest rock worth $ 60 million, while the second largest rock weighs up to 63kg and 1600 oz is gold, it is worth $ 26 million.
The company says the rocks are actually quartz.
Professor Spirring says that in Australia, usually two grams of one ton of rocks are extracted from gold, while RNN minerals say they have extracted 22 tonnes of gold per tonne.
According to Professor Spearing, it’s kind of sad that you get so much gold. It’s a wonderful discovery and a very exciting moment. ‘
They said gold particles are sometimes so small that human eyes do not even see them.
The metal ‘Nickel’ mining was continued before gold discovered in this mine called beta hunt.
After the presence of gold particles near the surface in June, the company started searching for gold at a depth of 500 meters.
Mark Sylby, chief executive of RNN Minerals, says it will buy a huge amount of eclipse to keep it in its collection.


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