Are you in danger of social media

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Are you sure you want to get rid of social media? The nature of the problem is that it is very important to make the first decision. If you think they can get rid of the use of social media, then it is okay, but if you do not think your reasons are not because of this, you still need to think again. .

The new hope is that the root of the problem is the social media outbreak. This is the time in which the old man used to detect all the fog of the world’s world, but the pirates were also exposed by taking away many of his children.

Have you ever read a book without the sound of the last time, with the same sequence, without any sound of the notification? Instead, it would be better to ask now, what book did you think about reading the book for the last time? Looking at an e-book? The biggest wing of e-book is that if you download a servant, she thinks she has also read. It does not happen, teacher, time to read the book, and all of the time we all have fun of Facebook, Insta, and Twitter!

If we were young, all the children used to run rugs in the streets on the street every day, ran racing, played football or cricket, some of the hobbies used to sweat the ridge and had a golden nut in the night. Now it is cycling, football, cricket, all of them happen in the eight-eight skulls, will not sweat in clothes, they will be stained, and the name of the child will also be the name of God’s wrath. These children grow up social media like ours. Have you ever thought of the real problem?

100% of the population of social media uses it on mobile or tablet. Why did not everyone end up in the laptops’ era of Arctic? If there was a night after two and a half hours, what was going on in the social media now? There are two things we all have to rotate. A social media app other touch screen.

You do one thing, try and try. Delete your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter apps from your mobile phone. Also blow up the Facebook Messenger or the rest of the frames. The first thing is to know what will happen? Battery will be baby … A lot of kids will be there.

Apart from these three, if you have a snap chat with them, first install it, then you drink the battery with a regular road street with a straw. After blowing the apps, do the second thing to turn off Wi-Fi and data. Feel like one hour and the comfort of the universe descends into you. Then turn on data or Wi-Fi. Something happened What if there is no app?

Except the Wats app you will now have a mobile phone. How many messages came to the wats app 10, fifteen? Anyone died? no! Any important news? no! What if a mess goes wrong then it will hurt millions? no! So why do you become the target for every graduate human being?

Since one and a half hour has passed, you now log in to your mobile or tablet browser, log in to facebook, install or Twitter. Indeed, collect all. Try browsing these three things in the browser, it will not be fun. It will be a punishment to answer the quote, if the messages of people coming to the Messenger are coming, no bell will come, if anybody will take a look at the institute, then the Messenger of Allah will not tell anyone to know that brother John Mutiur Rehman Bhatti Like it Slowly you will feel that what’s wrong with this man, it is not fun to do something …

That’s just the real breakdown time. If those apps do not reinstall you for a month, then understand that you are a liar, do it as before!

Thousands of brain-minded people are working together after these apps. Is the Facebook app made by Mark Zuckerberg alone?

It is obviously the whole team. What kind of team would the team be? Obviously there will be people in your area intelligent. When many high minds make something else together, would they leave them to bring them to the quality of public interest? Can not happen.

What will be the result that any social media app will come to mind, like the mind and the thumb, to the simple features and dragons. What was the purpose of the thumb before the mobile phone was created, ever thought you?

If you want to help fingers in catching things or to make a sound of a person, ask a thumb or ask for a lift on the road, how often did you do three days a day? Well, there is a feeling that man saved the thieves passing through thousands of evolution.

In some cases, Jennes will know that in the twentieth century some inventions would be that all the treasures would be killed by thumbs. So when you blow the apps, some thumb work will have to do even the whole hand or fingers, that is the root of all corruption! The mind is lying or not thumbing and the time is melting.

Eight months ago I was in a very upset with this problem. Did not understand that how many other people work so much in the world. One day the screen was broken. This was the third mobile to be lost in the last twelve months. You decided to not get smart phones now. The phone with a small button took just two thousand and the world changed.

Now it looks better if the scenes are good, but it looks better to save the camera in the eyes. The only thing that is very important is the phone or message. Twenty-four hours of tons are over. This phone’s battery runs five days after one charge. When finished, it gets frozen again in half an hour.

Mobile and Power Banks do not get hurt before sleeping at night. There is a lot of time for every important work. If there is no necessary work, there is a lot of time to read writing, singing songs, gossip from children, or walking around here. After two days a day, the same social media is taken by turning the same deadphone on the same phone. For the rest of the work done, God has blessed the e-mail.

So far from the mixed social media apps, salvation is the best way to prosper. Well, just install the smartphone and put the mobile phone in the pocket and get out of the woods, the nerves and the corners will be found when it grows smaller than twenty-four tons. The test is a bet!


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