An attempt to change the size of Asian people in America

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One day when Geo Merivella was blowing a burger sitting in a McDonald’s in Houston, the city of Texas, USA, the scene he saw was forced to think Geo.
Geo observed that the pictures of a group of photographs on the walls of the restaurant were not visible, and they were Asian residents.
Geo’s own relationship is from a Filipino family.
Speaking to the BBC, he told that on that same day, he touched Tan Lee to meet the deficit and one of his friends, Chris Toledo.
They plan to put a new poster in McDonald’s without having to tell anyone in which they both will be present.
Clearly the first step was to make a post. Geo decided that he would be the best poster in which both the friends of college were looking.
According to Geo, both of them made a poster of their poster, and made similar marks like the McDonald’s on their own poster posers. Then they sent this sample posters to a company.
Secret action
When both of them were postered poster, the next problem was to save the poster and replace it in the restaurant.
By copying it, like Joe, took a group of his friends and walked to McDonald’s, as it happens in stolen or robbery films.
‘I needed at least three friends, one who would record this action on my phone and two more people who helped me in photographing the wall.’
Geo’s friends were in the form of ordinary buyers, while Geo himself worn a McDonald’s Staff’s shirt on which ‘Reginal Intelligent Designer’ wrote.
They waited for an hour for a reasonable time. “I was getting nervous”, Geo said.
But when he arrived at the moment, he put a poster on the wall and no one heard news from ear.
‘Since we did not want to spoil the wall, we put a tape instead of glowing behind the poster.’
Geo and his friends performed this move on July 13 and today their poster is lying on the same wall.
Geo says that although this work was a tragedy, but they wanted to focus on a serious problem and that represented American people in American society, whether they were McDonald’s or Hollywood movies.
‘We all deserve equal equality and should identify the people of all generations.’ I do not understand why McDonald did not add Asian people to their advertisements, but most of the Asian men in the media are not bitter and Asian women are shown as only cute girls.
‘When I was growing up, then Asian people were shown only in martial arts expert or any comedy character.’
Geo says he was worried that his parents would be disturbed by them, but he was so stubborn that he himself created a picture with McDonald’s by taking a picture.
Geo has taken a picture of Twitter on Twitter after taking pictures in McDonald’s and has been tweeted more than 1.5 million times more than six million times.
He also posted his video on YouTube, which thousands of people watched. Many consumers say that ‘forget big rich Asian people.’ Our real reputation poses the McDonald’s poster.


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