Travel Agency Merchant Account for Monitoring all Your Business Transactions


There are many elements for a business that you need to consider while looking to set up your own payment system. Are you looking for a high-security account such as PCI DSS compliance from a merchant account service provider? At PayCly, we will support you get all your transaction processed in seconds. PayCly provides you the best tour PSP that will save you the money, streamline your administration process, and enhance your user experience. We provide you High-Risk Merchant Account that will help you get a smooth and flexible payment transaction for your business.

How to choose a payment gateway?

Getting a travel merchant account can always make a difference to your travel business. It can also affect the different elements of your business, from customer experience to security concerns and the cost of the service.

Assess your customer experience

While choosing a payment processor for your travel business, you need to check what your customer will see on your website and how the system will integrate into your website. You can also review the support system available for the customer so that if they get exact support what is needed from their side.

Payment Methods

You need to look for a payment gateway that allows you to accept payments from different credit or debit card. Since the different users are using a different kind of currency hence allow different kinds of payment methods to be acceptable for your online business. Some countries use a different kind of credit or debit card while others use a different kind of card so you need to look for what types are accepted and whether this will affect the user experience.

Prevents Data breaching

Feeding your personal information on the internet is not safe anymore, so when you are looking for a travel industry merchant account you need to know how your Customers’ data will be stored and kept safe.

Set uptime

You need to consider the facts that how much time it will take to set up the system, and start accepting payments from the customer. Is your provider assisting you to set up a high risk merchant account or are you the one doing it for yourself?


The most important thing while considering a payment processor is the price. Check the fee structure and set up and transaction costs. Some industries will charge you little extra or hidden fees, hence you need to watch out how much business you are making and choose what is the best per transaction or monthly fee that suits your business.

Payment processor benefits for travel agents

A merchant account can help travel agent business to secure their customer by providing secure and reliable services at your doorstep. Now see, if a customer needs to wait in hearing back from to book an experience then probably they will leave your business and move on to others who will allow them to have instant relief of booking their trip. A payment processor allows you to accept payments from the customers through credit or debit cards. It also helps the travel company to remain open for customers all the time.

Better cash flow

A payment system can better cash flow for the business. The reservation and payments are bound to happen at the same time rather than having a token waiting for your turn to make payment. One can also provide different discounts from a prompt system, or you can grab a customized alert system for notifying bigger transactions that allows you to collect amounts as you need to manage cash flow. You can also choose to set up policies for cancellation or refund that can help customers get-go and allow you to better plan this part of your business efficiently.

Quick Payments

One of the major benefits of using a payment system is its ability to immediately approve or deny payment. These are faster, reliable, and safe.

A secure way to do business

It provides you a secure way to do business because of the low risk involved with credit card scams or fraud. It also helps in protecting the customer’s data and provides them with the confidence to use you as a tour operator.

PayCly provides you with the best Travel Agency Merchant Account that will help you in lowering down the chargebacks for your business. We have helped many clients irrespective of their volume size. Get a business account today.

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