Which Jewellery to Wear According to Your Zodiac Sign


We’re sure that you know all about birthstones, but what about jewellery according to your star sign? Our personalities are tightly woven with our astrological signs, and choosing jewellery to complement our traits is a wise idea.

Read our jewellery blog and find out what you should wear according to your zodiac sign. Splash out on yourself – or treat your best friend!

Which Jewellery to Wear According to Your Zodiac Sign

Jewellery for Aries

Adventurous Ariens are known for their leadership qualities and that also means they like to like to lead the way when it comes to jewellery! Help her to brandish her fiery side with striking red onyx clasped in these gold earrings.

Jewellery for Taurus

Earthy Taureans are known for their practical nature. That being said, they also love material things – so they don’t shy away from beautiful jewellery. Choose a functional yet minimalist piece from the Jewel Tree London Pure Collection.

Jewellery for Gemini

With their gentle souls and boundless energy, Gemini gals love delicate and feminine pieces that show off their creativity. Opt for something such as this gold vermeil necklace with its pretty geometrical charms.

Jewellery for Cancer

Jewellery for Cancer

Highly intuitive and deeply emotional beings, any jewellery worn by a Cancerian needs to have some sentimental value. It’s all about stones that have a soul of their own, so choose one noted for its spiritual properties. For example, moonstone and labradorite.

Jewellery for Leo

Jewellery for Virgo

Dramatic Leos like to draw the eye, which means their eyes are drawn to bold, chunky and bright pieces of jewellery. In fact, the Hive Collection by Jewel Tree London may have been made with Leo ladies in mind.

Jewellery for Virgo

Loyal and observant and extremely hard-working, a Virgo will notice the smaller details in her jewellery. She’ll also find herself attracted to handcrafted pieces that were made with love. These ‘odd couple’ gold earrings will blow her mind.

Jewellery for Libra

Librans crave balance and order, yet they get a real thrill out of beauty. Inspired by the beautiful yet structurally sound Chand Baori step-wells, this gold vermeil necklace will delight a Libra.

Jewellery for Scorpio

A Scorpio woman deserves jewellery that is as strong, brave and powerful as she is. Browse the Forest Collection for a fearless piece that will give her a deeply sensory experience.

Jewellery for Sagittarius

A Sagittarius woman is a spontaneous soul, and she never knows exactly where each day will take her. Some gold stacking rings will ensure that wherever she ends up, she is dressed stylishly – and practically.

Jewellery for Capricorn

Jewellery for Capricorn

Capricorn ladies are as ambitious as they are pensive and they respond to high quality items. Read all about stones that will help her keep her focus and achieve her goals.

Jewellery for Aquarius

Never one to follow the crowd, an Aquarius girl wants jewellery that makes her feel as unique as she is. Fortunately, you can customise any item at Jewel Tree London.

Jewellery for Pisces

Compassionate and artistic, a Pisces woman is also highly adaptable to her surroundings. So she relies on jewellery that can do the same, such as a versatile set of gold stacking rings.

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