Why Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Are The Best Dogs Ever?


To any ordinary person, King Charles Spaniel could seem a bit fanatic. Many dog lovers consider puppies as their children, and often dog owners find it hard to have just one Cavalier. Cavalier is one of those dog breeds that make otherwise normal people turn into their slaves. So, what makes these Cavalier King Charles Spaniels special? Have you ever thought about this? Here are some distinctive characteristics which set them apart-

They Are Fond of Cats

Cavalier-king-charles-spaniel-They Are Fond of Cats

One of the most unusual traits of the dogs of this breed is that they are affectionate to felines. Most dogs would chase a cat whenever they come across one. But that is not the case with Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. They love cats and would cuddle and lick any cat which they might come across. What is even stranger is that cats allow these dogs to be their friends. So, it the sights of cats and spaniels cuddling to each other is not unlikely. This might because Cavaliers think they are cats and they might try to rest on your neck or at the back of a chair or on the table of your living room. This is something which felines also tend to do.

Cavaliers Love Food

Cavaliers Love Food

You can get these dogs to do anything for some food, no matter what type of food it may be. He will roll over, do somersaults to have a bite. So, you will have to train the Cavalier so that he doesn’t beg for food all the time. But it is always great to have a pet at home which is always grateful no matter what type of food you feed him with.

They Love Children

They Love Children

These dogs are descended from the toy spaniels which King Charles II of England was highly fond of. Little spaniels are the perfect companions for children and are patient with their antics. These dogs are naturally drawn towards children and can bear their pranks without any fuss. Therefore, you don’t have to worry if you have a spaniel pup as a companion to your kids.

They Will Stick to You Like Glue

These dogs are not ideal for people who are not looking for a close companion. A Cavalier lives and dies for his master. He might howl if you lock him up in the bathroom. They love sleeping with their masters in bed. So, if you feel reassured to have physical contact with your pet, then these dogs are the best companions you can have.

Cavaliers Are Quite Clever

Cavaliers Are Quite Clever

In comparison to other dog breeds that are dim-witted, a spaniel still has some hunting traits which make him distinct from others. At times, his tail will rise up like a rod, and his nose will point towards the direction where he sees a bird flying. Try hiding a doughnut and see how he finds it out! Playing with these dogs is as exciting as cuddling them, as they are curious and inquisitive by nature.

Why You Must Buy Cavaliers From A Well-Known Breeder?

Though Cavaliers are one of the most popular dog breeds, they are also vulnerable as other pure breed dogs are to problem-puppy mills. As a specific dog breed becomes popular, puppy mills will start offering more and more pets of that breed to buyers. Therefore, make it a point to buy from a trustworthy breeder (like gcavalierpuppies.com) who can share details of a puppy’s health history and parents. By doing so, you will be able to ensure that the puppy you buy has all the desirable qualities of a spaniel.

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