A buyer guide for freestanding bathroom suites in UK


You might wonder now how you are to pick the right pieces for your house if your decision is to follow the elegant look; over which freestanding bathroom suites will bring to your bathroom.

Free Standing Bathroom Suites

Let’s consider size on the top

As always, the first factor is the size. When you’re tall, you must think about the size of each object, and how it fits into nooks or spaces between other items. Such as baths or shower rooms; if you’re small. You have to cleverly use the furnishings of the bathrooms to maximize your space and make it more spacious. Either of these will fit a small countertop basin and still grant you some storage space under a small freestanding washbasin measuring just 450 mm or 450 mm. Consider the depth of your bathroom furniture if your room is narrow. A compact washstand can be an admirable saving factor at less than 350 mm long. 

Going for a slim depth in all your furnishings will allow the full versatility around a narrow bathroom. Only by selecting free-standing units lifted from the floor on the sides will make a larger space. This offers you the ability to see some ground on which the product is located. Units with sides which inevitably restrict the sections of the floor you can see, making the room appear smaller. Unfortunately, this is not how you really get more storage, but a visual illusion that makes you feel you have more space than a claustrophobic bathroom.

Styling plus measure the ceiling height

In terms of design, freestanding bathroom suites can be both traditional and modern and it is difficult to list them all here. There are so many looks. Just to say, whether it’s chunky, minimalist, ornate and traditional or slim and modern, the bathroom furniture there’s still freestanding to suit your needs. 

Consider the height of the furniture in your bathroom. They require tall furniture for all of us, and vice versa, whichever room you dress. Usually, washstands are from 700 mm to 900 mm in height: select the correct height to avoid discomfort from stooping or stretching. Similarly, consider making the option of bathroom storage space simple. various bathroom furniture products have different heights of shelves, doors, and drawers. It is often better if you can store low-use items near or above the ground, so you have space to easily access all your daily items.

Storage cabinets enable discipline in the bathroom 

And with storage units in freestanding bathroom suites, huge, slender furniture gets a lot of storage for the size of floor space they occupy. There can be several clutters in a tall cabinet with a square of 350 x 350 mm but almost two meters. Consider how you use your storage room (or plan to use it). You can choose between open doors, drawers, or cupboards and combine all three together. Open shelving is useful for decorative items or for everyday use; clear glass shelving and light reflective for smaller areas; and the covered storage in the form of large cabinets is ideal for covering large objects. Cupboard units make it easy to store items, row by row, that can be lost in a wide wardrobe and can be quickly separated into baskets or boxes. 


We are all used to designing and structuring our bathrooms, and it is fun to put some items from freestanding bathroom suites on to break through the mould. Many people like this kind of bathroom furnishing because a bathroom built to suit a collection of furniture seems almost to be jumping about on a whim. Remember always that furniture in a bathroom is flexible: if your way of life determines that two baths are a must, choose two baths; invest in a large shower area and choose bathroom furniture appropriate for the space left behind. The mobilization of your bathroom should conform to your lifestyle and not the reverse. Last but not the least, there comes a reliable retailer for furniture for your bathroom. Amazingly, now in the rapid’s time innovations, you can easily save your travelling cost by getting your items online. You can easily find bathroom stores in the UK, which offer free home delivery. Have fun!

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