College Teachers launch a series of activities celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival of “Cultural Inheritance Together to Build Dreams Together”

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On September 20, when the Mid-Autumn Festival approached, Shihezi University Teachers College and the Bingtuan Education College launched the “Cultural Inheritance, Together to Build Dreams” to welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival of Handmade Lantern Festival and “National Unity and Family” networking party. XPCC Development and Reform Commission Deputy Director Wang Kai, XPCC Educational Technology Equipment Management Center Deputy Director Lu Quan, XPCC Finance Bureau Director Yang Hong were invited to celebrate the reunion festival with teachers and students of all ethnic groups, sharing the beauty and warmth.


On the day of the event, teachers from the Teachers College, paired relatives and 2021 freshmen worked together to make creative handmade palace lanterns and jade rabbit masks. The exquisite palace lanterns showed soft shimmer, and the atmosphere was rich and harmonious. The creative jade rabbit masks added to the production process. It was fun and the scene was full of fun. The Xingtan Handicraft Workshop of the Teachers College Association also brought exquisite hand-made palace lanterns to the teachers and students participating in the activity and guided on-site production methods, which added a festive atmosphere.

Written hopes and wishes for a better future on the wish cards and blessing cards swaying in the wind, sending warmth and comfort to the foreign students. In the meantime, rich traditional Mid-Autumn Festival games such as lantern riddles, fun rings, flying flowers, etc. were also carried out, and relevant content of party history learning was incorporated. Teachers and students exchanged and blended in activities with a sense of ritual, felt the charm of Chinese traditional culture, and immersed in the deep friendship of national unity.


The networking party kicked off with the song “Stubbornness” brought by the 2021 freshman band of the Teachers College. The music was full of youthfulness, and there were cheers on the spot. Wonderful and cool modern dance, beautiful and elegant classical dance, cheerful and harmonious folk dance, original poetry recitation with strong voice, eye-catching Peking opera performance, moving sitcom… The show was brilliant and thunderous applause from the audience . After watching the sitcom “Supporting Education Burning Youth and Dedicating Youth to Southern Xinjiang”, the students who are going to support education said: “We must bring our knowledge to the children in Southern Xinjiang, and use our own strength to contribute to the development of education in Southern Xinjiang. Some contribution.”

In addition, an elegant Hanfu catwalk was held on site, with novel forms of national unity, party history knowledge contests, diverse talent shows and interactive links, allowing teachers and students to enjoy a visual feast where tradition and modernity collide. The party ended in a chorus of teachers and students of all ethnic groups, “There would be no New China without the Communist Party”.


Wang Yu, a freshman of the 2021 grade of pre-school education at the Teachers College, said: “Today is the third day I have just arrived at school. I participated in such a wonderful activity. It is exactly what I look forward to in middle school. This is an unforgettable Mid-Autumn Festival, even though I’m not at home. However, the college made our new classmates feel the warmth of home. Thank you to all the teachers and classmates.”

Ayishem Guli, a 2018 Chinese Language and Literature student at the Normal University, said: “This is the last Mid-Autumn Festival I spent in the university. I am very reluctant to part with my teachers, my classmates, my college, and my university. This event It relaxes me a lot when I am preparing for the exam, and it also gives me great motivation to cherish my time, study hard, keep in mind the motto of learning from high school to be a teacher, and to be a model’, and contribute to Xinjiang’s education. .”




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