The first Islamic country that allowed women to sell and use the medication of drug addiction

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Egypt an Islamic country, which has allowed women to use the medication of drugs and its selling, has become the first Arab country to allow Egyptian women to develop and sell drugs. According to a BBC report, Egypt is an Islamic country that has allowed women to use and sell drugs for sexual desires.
Egypt has become the first Arab country to allow the manufacture and sale of the drug-friendly sexual desire products. According to experts, Viagra improves blood flow to remove male weakness, women’s Viagra is designed to balance sexual expectations by comparing anti-depressants and chemicals to the brain.

Women’s Viagra or Flabburner were shown as ‘pink bullet’ for women, versus the blue tablet of the Viagra-based Viagra in Egypt.

However, in this regard, the Egyptian pharmaceutical representative, Almaty, says this drug is inappropriate to say women’s Viagra and this name is not given by us but local media. On the other hand, Egyptian Dr Habiba says that women’s Viagra are a misleading term that refers to writing the medicine of any of the patients. He further said that this medicine will never be effective on the woman who faces any psychological or physical problems. Sex for women is an emotional process and everything starts in mind.
A woman can never have a healthy sex with her husband if she does not respect her and abuses her. No treatment will help in this regard. He also says that the flabburner’s utility is much less than its loss, he warned that “falling down of blood pressure is a serious problem.”


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