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Harder Stone than Diamonds


This week, a mining company in northern Israel has got a new type of stone. Experts Geologists are quite happy at this discovery.
The company got this mineral stone during the mining of Zebulun village near Koh Karmal. This stone was planted in . According to the area, it has been called t has been found very hard in its density experiments.

The C is similar in its shape and chemical composition to Ruby (Yaqut) and blue sapphire (Neelam), but it is different from the precious stones found in the world. Actually, this rock has been identified as an artificial stone.
This stone is in black orange green orange-brown. These rocks make millions of years ago of limestone.

The Carmeltazite is the largest stone of 33.3 percent.

The Israeli company has set this stone as a charity ambassador. Commission of the International Monetary Association, has approved it as a new mineral.
Although the company has hoped to meet such a high stone, these new stones are still rarer than diamonds. Jewelry prices depend on their availability, so they are even more expensive than diamonds.

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