Samsung develops the first 1TB storage chip for phones

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Samung’s phone in the future will have storage up to 1TB. The company has started preparing eUFS massively for smartphones. Using this storage chip Samsung’s users will be able to store massive data like PCs without using heavy micro SD cards. Samsung’s users will not have to worry about storage while taking HD images and videos.

Samsung says users can save 260 videos of duration 10 mins in 4K UHD resolution in this storage chip.

Samsung’s upcoming next flagship phone, like S10, will likely be with 1 TB option. Samsung started mass production of 512 GB storage in December 2017, immediately after adding it to a new phone.

In addition, the new eUFS is faster than traditional SSDs and MicroSDs.

Its read (speed) is 1000 megabytes per second. Which is twice as traditional SDDs and Samsung’s previous 512 GB storage chip. Samsung says it will be in same size as of previous 512GB memory chip, despite much storage. That is, the size of the phone will not have to increase to present 1 TB storage chip.

Samsung’s next phones could be the first with 1TB of storage


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