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At, our mission is to be the primary destination for public to find useful, latest and authentic news and actionable advice, resources & inspiration to learn something and find answers.


Our content reaches over 3000+ new visitors each and every month, and that number is only growing each and every month.




What’s in it for you?


Get Exposure: Gain access to a fresh batch of audience which could be just the traffic you’ve been waiting for.


Get Promoted: Your article will be promoted on all the platforms that News Angels has in its arsenal.


Get known: The readers of News Angels will recognize your voice and get to know what you have to offer.


  • Reach a new audience with your content.
  • Another Platform to promote your content and also your Personal Brand.
  • Join your peers who have contributed to this publishing platform.
  • Join a growing community of Authors & Contributors who are committed to helping others with their careers.
  • You get credit for the article with a short bio and a link in the bio to your website or blog.
  • Your published posts will be promoted on all our social media profiles.
  • Your posts will potentially reach 1000+ Twitter Followers1200+ Facebook followers1000+ Pinterest Followers.




Who are our readers?


Our readers are primarily the latest news lookers who want to get to know about the latest trending news.


Topics we cover:


What are we looking for in your article?


The posts we are looking for should cover the latest about NEWS in these categories:



However, you may also Contribute to our BLOG in following Categories:



We limit the posts to these categories, to keep the content consistent and relevant to the audience. 




Relevant & Valuable Content:


Write a Post with insanely relevant and useful content.


Always ask How can the readers benefit from this?‘. 


Also, make sure that the article content and topic are inline with the topic guidelines as stated above.


Post Length:


  • The posts must be 1000+ words.


Duplicate / Syndicated Content:


  • All articles must be original and never published elsewhere (or Copyscape protected).
  • We do not accept syndicated or duplicate content. Most contributors on this site submit unique & original content. 
  • We do not accept Infographic submissions.
  • We do not research reports or press releases.




  • The submitted articles must be proof-read before your submission.
  • If the submitted post requires a lot of editing – it will be rejected.




We encourage you to follow the 1-3-3 Rule of linking:


  • Add THREE links to authority sites when stating facts, statistics, etc.
  • Add THREE  links to other articles from if relevant ACCORDING to content length.


  • Add ONE link in the body of the article.  However, it must be a blog post on your website.
  • Links to sales pages, landing pages, and the home page is not accepted in the body of the article.


Unacceptable links:


  • Any link that does not add context to the article, or looks spammy will not be posted.


SEO Agencies/ Freelancers (Sponsored Posts):


  • Guest Posts do not apply to SEO/Marketing agencies and their clients. Guest Posts also do not apply to freelancers who are pitching on behalf of their links. These types of posts fall under sponsored posts.
  • For links placements and sponsored posts, please refer to our Advertising Page.




Post Format:


  • If you don’t wanna sign up, Submit the post to the Editor in a Google Docs Format.
  • Share/email the drafts to


Images & Videos:


  • Submit appropriate “Featured Images” for the article. Ensure that they are royalty-free (creative commons) stock images.
  • If you decide to create a custom image, that’s also fine.


  • If your article needs screenshots or images to support the points you make – feel free to add them in your draft.
  • All images are recommended to be in the .jpg format.


Author Bio:


  • Kindly provide a 3- 4 sentence Bio about yourself.
  • You can add 1 link to your bio that points to your website/blog.
  • The Link in Author Bio must be your site.
  • No Anchor Texts allows in Author Bios.




  • Each Contributor will get a personalized page that showcases all their published posts.
  • This Site is powered by WordPress, so we use Gravatar (Universal Profile for WordPress) to publish Author Pictures & Bios.
  • If you do not have a Gravatar, here are the instructions.
  • If you already have a WordPress account, please send us that email address.


Response Time:


  • Once submitted, posts are usually reviewed and approved within 48 – 72 hours.
  • Once approved, it takes us anywhere from 1-3 weeks to publish the article.


What type of content do we not accept?:


We do not accept the following submission formats:


  1. Sponsored Posts
  2. Advertisement
  3. SlideShare Presentations
  4. Gambling (Other Illegal Content)
  5. Product Releases
  6. Request for product reviews.


Rules and Regulations



1.  Your post must be original. That means it must be written by you and not previously published anywhere else, including your own blog/site.


2.  Post should not be about an affiliate program/product or a plug for a company. No reviews please.


3.  Very Important: Please don’t submit generic posts on theory, the kind of posts that can be found everywhere else across the web. Your post should not only be informative, but USABLE. Otherwise, we will immediately trash your post without warning.


We desire to provide our readers with information that they can practically and immediately implement in their businesses and website.


Original, fresh, unique, authentic, current, relevant to our audience – that’s the kind of content we are looking for.


4.  We might need to edit the content (misspellings, grammar, formatting etc.) before publishing it.


5.  We do understand the importance of link love and you should definitely link the article back to your blog. However, We do not tolerate link littering and would not accept links to affiliate products.


6.  Please attach a few pictures for your post (and include image credits when necessary, i.e in the case if image is copyrighted).


Featured Image is must of good quality.


7.  Please include internal links in your post – good resources, links back to relevant articles on News Angels, etc.


8. Posts must be in good English.


9. Posts should be around or more than 1000 words (exceptions would be posts that have lots of images or video supplement).


How soon will you know if your article is approved?


We will make sure to read any posts submitted as soon as possible and will most likely let you know within a day or two if we plan on publishing it. This way you’ll know whether you should start submitting your article to other sites.


How soon will your article be posted?


This will depend on how many articles we already have in the queue to be published. Generally, it should be published as fast as within an hour, a day or week of approval.


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